Jeff Biggers, a leading American journalist and writer, will present his new show, “Welcome to Arizona Libre” and report on the situation on the ground of Arizona post- SB 1070, on Thursday, October 4, at Virginia Avenue
Park’s Thelma Terry Center, at 7:30 p.m.

“In response to a series of unconstitutional and discriminatory laws passed by the State of Arizona the City Council of Santa Monica approved a boycott of Arizona and we are proud to bring a renowned author from Arizona like Jeff to a progressive community to educate, entertain and inspire us all,” said Pico Youth and Family Center founder Oscar de la Torre.

In his new book, “State Out of the Union: Arizona and the Final Showdown Over the American Dream,” Biggers opens a window into the complex history of American immigration conflicts with “this take-no-prisoners and funny theatrical performance about the myths, facts, and contradictions in Arizona history. He locates the root of the problem in Arizona’s past, attributing the 48th state’s current nativist anxieties to its turbulent entry into the Union and its identity crisis as frontier country, and charts anti-immigration hardliners infiltrating local legislatures and spreading copycat legislation across 25 states – the Arizonafication of the U.S. or what happens in Arizona doesn’t stay in Arizona.

Pulitzer Prize finalist Luis Urrea says, “Jeff Biggers has the unblinking gaze of the honed journalist, a novelist’s sense of image and story, and a prophet’s cache of outrage.”

“Perhaps no issue captures better what it means to be American than the contentious legislative debate around who can become American. Certainly, that question will be a major part of the November election, and into the fray comes an examination of the controversial policies and practices in Arizona: State Out of the Union: Arizona and the Final Showdown Over the American Dream by Jeff Biggers.”-Publishers Weekly, Top Ten Social Science Titles, 2012.

Biggers won the American Book Award for “The United States of Appalachia.” He has worked as a writer, radio correspondent, and educator across the United States, Europe, India, and Mexico. His work has appeared on National Public Radio, Public Radio International and in numerous magazines and newspapers, including The Washington Post, The Nation, The Atlantic Monthly, Salon, among others. He splits his time between Tucson and Illinois. His website is:

Following the reading will be a discussion, moderated by Chicano Secret Service and PYFC Program Director, Selina Barajas. PYFC artists will also perform songs from our upcoming Vol. 4 album. Light refreshments and snacks will be served. The PYFC’s motto is promoting peace, unity and social justice and has served hundreds of youth with various support services, music and the arts since opening in 2002.

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