Keep your independent Film Resource Alive

Dear Friends of Vidiots,

We are writing this letter with a request for support. Technologies change, but we believe the human touch and even the social experience of picking just the right film for “Movie Night” should remain. However, with the current economy, Vidiots faces a very difficult financial situation.

“A video delight. And like a good old book store, a secret treasure to find and linger over” – Oliver Stone

“I couldn’t afford film school. Vidiots was my film school, the staff were my professors, and the aisles and aisles of movies were my lessons.”- customer for 9 years, filmmaker

Every day we hear comments like these, expressions from a community grateful for the choices and services only a truly independent store can offer. Along with our vast film library, Vidiots is a place where filmmakers, activists and artists can meet up for free events, do research, attend a class, or dream up their next project.

Vidiots has been a community resource for 25 years and we want to continue to serve you and film lovers everywhere. If you have any ideas how we can remain vital, please contact owners Patty or Cathy at 310-392-8508.


§ Rent – If every person reading this rented one movie a week, Vidiots would thrive. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND EFFECTIVE WAY TO HELP.

§ Spread the word. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Please join our Vidiots Facebook page.

§ Rent our Vidiots Annex room for a meeting, party, seminar or screening. If you haven’t seen this amazing space, come in and check it out. Call us or go to


§ Buy a movie or gift certificate or donate your used DVDs for us to sell.

We are so grateful for your support.

Patty, Cathy and our wonderful staff: Angela, Christine, Dan, Grace, Kendall, Lindsay, Michael, Patrick, Rachel, Richard, Ryan, Scott and Tom


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