Facts vs. Fictions

Share with othersTweet In a story listing the ten top news stories of 2010, the Santa Monica Daily Press lards the facts with fiction.  According to the story, a “$12 million budget gap and more than 60 layoffs at the district…brought together school advocates and the electoral might of City Hall’s municipal unions. Known as Measure Y, the half percent sales tax increase proposal needed only 50 percent of the vote to succeed…and passed with a landslide on Nov. 2.... Read More

It’s Time for a Change

Share with othersTweet From the first issue of the Dispatch: 4/21/2007 Santa Monica is a legendary beach town. It was founded in 1875 as a simple real estate development. Five generations of bright, talented, devoted, diverse residents have made it a gorgeous, complex, idiosyncratic, grandly volatile and deeply satisfying place to live and work — perfectly located on the ocean, small in scale, low key, prosperous – in the midst of the myriad glories and excitements of 
Los... Read More

Merry Christmas! Unmerry Muddle

Share with othersTweet MERRY CHRISTMAS! UNMERRY MUDDLE! A couple of years ago, the City decided to install a mega-housing project in the Civic Center. 364 units — slightly less than half “affordable” rental units, slightly more than half “luxury” condominiums, underground parking, stores, cafes, massive buildings of no distinction, including some that exceed existing height limits. A joint project of the Community Corp. and the Related Companies... Read More

Whither…Weather Identity Crisis

Share with othersTweet Whither…Weather Identity Crisis By Ava Tramer Beaches Partly cloudy Highs: 59-65; Lows: 46-52 Inland Sunny with clouds Highs: 60-68; Lows: 40-47 Deserts Mostly sunny Highs: 63-69; Lows: 48-51 And Santa Monica… Anchor 1: And we’re coming to you with breaking news: Anchor 2: His (gesturing to anchor 1) dog isn’t as cute as he thinks it is! Anchor 1: That was unnecessary. This breaking news just in: Anchor 2: You pooped your pants! Anchor... Read More

Developers Threaten Santa Monica Way of Life

Share with othersTweet by Ty Wapato The 2010 City Council election is a vivid example of how big money developers distort the truth to impose their wills on the citizens of Santa Monica. The contemptible slate mailers that misrepresented the endorsements of CEPS and the Santa Monica Police Officers Association, while they may seem like yesterday’s news, are a clear demonstration of how low the developers will stoop. The Police Association issued a statement protesting the misuse... Read More

Whose College Is It, and Who’s It For?

Share with othersTweet by Carl Gettleman Richard Tahvildaran, who as President of the Academic Senate opposed giving course credit to students for serving as elected officers in the College’s shared governance system, was previously confronted by the HR Department for a similar misuse of student labor to support candidates of his choosing in a local campaign. Tahvildaran, one of the most unctiously self-aggrandizing sycophants in SMC history (a high bar I assure you), has... Read More


Share with othersTweet by Peggy Clifford Anyone from anywhere can come into Santa Monica and set up a fake committee called  “Santa Monicans for Quality Government,”  though he’s not a “Santa Monican” and, as far as we know, is the sole member of the group. And the aforesaid anyone from anywhere can collect money from developers, property managers and developers’ lawyers, most of whom are not Santa Monica residents and have no interest in... Read More


Share with othersTweet The December 14 City Council Consent Calendar included a $1,632,360 allocation for “improvements” to the new CityTV studio, for which the City paid $1 million-plus not long ago. The Council  approved the allocation unanimously, without any discussion. Thus, the City will spend $2.5 million in public funds for a “government access” TV channel that offers no public access, broadcasts only a few of Santa Monica’s ‘s public... Read More

Santa Monica Red Cross Fires Up “Spark of Love” holiday toy drive

Share with othersTweet Young volunteers from the American Red Cross of Santa Monica will collect toys and gifts again this year for needy children and teens as part of the annual “Spark of Love Toy Drive.” Red Cross teenagers will also help Santa Monica Firefighters distribute the toys to deserving children in Santa Monica and nearby communities. The Red Cross of Santa Monica, KABC Channel 7, Santa Monica Firefighters and the Rotary Club of Santa Monica will collect... Read More

City To Undertake Extensive Airport Study

Share with othersTweet At  Tuesday night’s meeting of the City Council,  City staff will recommend that the Council  “1.    Direct staff to proceed with a comprehensive public process regarding the future of Santa Monica Airport. 2.    Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a professional services agreement with The Rand Corporation, a California-based company, in an amount not to exceed $145,000, for a study of airport and non-airport real property... Read More

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