California Schools — How the Mighty Have Fallen

Share with othersTweet Once upon a time, California schools, K through college, were, in the words of New York Times man Max Frankel, “the eighth wonder of the world.” Frankel was not given to hyperbole = especially about California. Not only were they first-rate academically, they were accessible at all levels, no matter how modest a student’s means were. .California perfected public education, but Governor Ronald Reagan’s assaults on UC Berkley and celebration... Read More

Winning and losing in Santa Monica

Share with othersTweet I was forcibly removed from Santa Monica by my parents. I was 10. Santa Monica was perfect. When I came back some years later to live, I had survived the fall of Aspen and was sad, angry, and wary. The beach was still perfect. The town was in motion. “The most radical city in America.” “Left City.” “People’s Republic of Santa Monica.” Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden’s Campaign for Economic Democracy was based... Read More

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