Park Architect Chosen, Process Questioned

Share with othersTweet The City Council Chambers were again awash in superlatives The subject was the proposed six-acre City park, Palisades Garden Walk, at Oeean and  Colorado. Staff and some Council members instantly dub it\\\\ “our Central Park.” It is more  or less in the center of town, but there is  no basis for the link to America’s most celebrated park, which is vast and intricately made – one of those marvels that our forebears made that we can’t match... Read More


Share with othersTweet By Ava TramWr Beaches Mostly sunny with midweek showers Highs: 61-70; Lows: 49-55 Inland Warm and partly cloudy Highs: 63-78; Lows: 43-52 Deserts Mostly sunny Highs: 68-88; Lows: 54-65 And Santa Monica… I don’t want to jinx it, ladies and gentlemen, but it does look like the weather this week could be relatively exciting.  Don’t get too alarmed.  Yes, there will be plenty of boring, highly normal sun, and those standard fluffy clouds. ... Read More


Share with othersTweet By Susan Hartley I don’t often say that we should take direction from New York.  In this instance, however, Santa Monica should follow NY’s example, and lift its bee ban.  I’m still incredulous that Santa Monica bans bees.  How is anything supposed to grow without bees?  Read More


Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Clear and sunny Highs: 62-76; Lows: 50-56 Inland Mostly sunny and hot Highs: 65-83; Lows: 44-50 Deserts Hot and sunny Highs: 76-89; Lows: 49-61 And Santa Monica… It’s neck and neck, ladies and gentlemen, NECK AND NECK!  First the sun rises, and it’s warm out, and then again the sun rises and it’s warm out AGAIN.  Have you SEEN anything more exciting?  Have you SEEN anything closer?  IT IS WARM!  And now... Read More

Whose Destiny Is It Anyway?

Share with othersTweet Santa Monica’s version of the state-mandated revision of cities’ land use and circulation elements of their General Plans (LUCE) Should have been complete and in place in 2004. The state requires the revision at  20-year intervals so that residents can     naintain control of their towns’ destinies. But Santa Monica is so   sophisticated, so advanced that it turns its destiny over to “experts,”  r uber-consultants, specialists. So far,... Read More