World Class Is Insufficient

Share with othersTweet Say the magic words in City Council  Chambers and almost everyone goes instantly gaga. For some time, the magic words have been “world-class.” The phrase is pure hype, ubiquitous,  meaningless, but it’s the Council’s mantra and it was endlessly invoked at  last week’s Council meeting. The subject was the possibility of  locating a proposed Broad Museum in Santa Monica’s Civic Center. Apparently, Eli and Edythe Broad have also approached Beverly... Read More

Monsters at the Gates

Share with othersTweet If you can read the letter below from the Friends of  Sunset Park to the L.A.  Planning Commission without at least wondering why there are so many  planners and so few good plans,  check your  pulse. The proposed “Bundy Village and Medical Park,” described below, would plant 1.1 million square feet of stuff, including over 3,300 parking spaces, on  our eastern border. This is not good news for us or anyone  in West L.A.. Intermittent gridlock... Read More

Whither… Thanksgiving

Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Clear and sunny Highs: 70-73; Lows: 50-52 Inland Sunny Highs: 77-81; Lows: 40-43 Deserts Warm and clear Highs: 77-81; Lows: 50-52 And Santa Monica… As Thanksgiving approaches, let us get something clear.  You should not be thankful that you live in California (see current failure of state government).  Also, the weather in Northern California is not always something to be thankful for.  So should you be thankful that you live... Read More

To: L.A. City Planning Commission

Share with othersTweet From:  Friends of Sunset Park RE: Bundy Village, Case No. VTT-66732-CN-DB-GB November 17, 2009 As residents of Sunset Park, the Santa Monica neighborhood bounded by Pico Blvd. on the north, Centinela Avenue on the east, the south city limit, and Lincoln Blvd. on the west, we strongly oppose the proposal to rezone property northwest of Olympic Blvd. and Bundy in West Los Angeles for the development of the Bundy Village and Medical Park. The project would... Read More

From West L.A. to Middle East

Share with othersTweet Washington, DC — Mary Singaus, a public health nurse who lives s in Mar Vista, recently returned from a unique journey to Israel and Palestine. Singaus, along with 31 other people from the U.S. and Canada, landed in Tel Aviv on October 28 for the two-week trip through the conflict zone, during which they heard both sides of  the story of the conflict  directly from Palestinians and Israelis. They also discussed the role of the U.S. government in resolving ... Read More

Films 4 Change Screens Which Way Home Tonight

Share with othersTweet WHICH WAY HOME (english subtitles 1hr.39min.) As the United States continues to build a wall between itself and Mexico, Which Way Home shows the personal side of immigration through the eyes of children who face harrowing dangers with enormous courage and resourcefulness as they endeavor to make it to the United States. The film follows several unaccompanied child migrants as they journey through Mexico en route to the U.S. on a freight train they call “... Read More

UCLA Study Warns of Airport Pollution

Share with othersTweet The Los Angeles Times reported this week  that a “new UCLA study shows that people who live and work near Santa Monica Airport are exposed to unusually high levels of air pollution — a significant health concern that has been largely associated with major commercial airports such as LAX.” “…Research has shown that elevated levels are associated with increased deaths due to respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.” The airport is located in... Read More

Our Town, Our Future, Our Right

Share with othersTweet The draft of the  land use and circulation elements of the General Plan (LUCE) has been a long time coming. Too long, as it turns out. The Planning Commission is scheduled to review it at its meeting tonight. City planners and a seemingly endless parade of  uber-consultants have been working on the LUCE revision for five   years  Reams of staff reports,  stacks of power point presentations, and three volumes have been issued, but the draft will be... Read More

Choosing a New City Manager

Share with othersTweet Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000179 EndHTML:0000009652 StartFragment:0000002620 EndFragment:0000009616 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/peggyclifford/Documents/Choosomg%20.doc Mayor Genser and Honorable Council Members: As you are considering applicants to become Santa Monica’s new City Manager, the neighborhood groups wanted to offer some suggestions in the selection process.  Our current City Manager, Lamont Ewell, has shown an admirable openness to... Read More


Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Mostly sunny Highs: 66-70; Lows: 49-53 Inland Sunny Highs: 73-79; Lows: 39-43 Deserts Clear and sunny Highs: 76-78; Lows: 49-52 And Santa Monica… Since the weather will be bland and mostly consistent throughout the upcoming week, I will focus my weather report on the most extreme and abnormal weather day of the week: Wednesday.  While most of this week will be sunny with highs in the high 60s and lows in the mid 50s, Wednesday... Read More