City Hall’s Whichy Thicket

Share with othersTweet I have watched about 470 Santa Monica City Council meetings, or  virtually every meeting since 1992. It seems like more. I am not a masochist. I am a journalist, which, here and now, may be the same thing. As is noted in Ken Burns’ new PBS series on national parks. President Franklin  Roosevelt described his extraordinary public works programs  as “building human happiness,” which  he believed was the primary task of   government. In ihe midst... Read More

Residents Ask Council To Obey Law

Share with othersTweet Honorable Members of the Santa Monica City Council Re: Proposed Variances for 1012 Second Street, City Council Hearing – September 22, 2009 : We, the undersigned concerned residents and voters in Santa Monica, hereby ask that you deny the SEVEN VARIANCES to the residential zoning code and the proposed vested Parcel Map for the property at 1012 Second Street. These variances would be harmful to adjacent residents and the neighborhood by allowing structures... Read More

City’s Double Standard

Share with othersTweet It’s rapidly becoming a habit – the City Council’s condemnation of landmarks. The Landmarks Commission, by any measure the most scrupulous board in Santa Monica,  designates them, and the Council disposes of them. Two weeks ago, by a 5-2 majority, the Council upheld a developer’s appeal of a Landmarks Commission landmark designation of the historic Sci Arc building. At Tuesday night’s Council meeting, staff will ask it to deny a residents’... Read More

Mrs. Shriver: Still On The Job

Share with othersTweet Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000176 EndHTML:0000009463 StartFragment:0000004449 EndFragment:0000009427 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/peggyclifford/Documents/evuiction%20 20 physically and mentally disabled  residents of an apartment complex in Monrovia received eviction notices  recently. “Regulations” restricted residence in the complex to senior citizens, according to the complex manager. Friday, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger went to... Read More

Whither …Heat

Share with othersTweet Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000105 EndHTML:0000004735 StartFragment:0000002294 EndFragment:0000004699 By Ava Tramer Beaches: Clear and hot Highs: 75-82; Lows: 63-65 Inland Hot and sunny Highs: 97-101; Lows: 60-63 Deserts Very hot and clear Highs: 103-108; Lows: 73-79 And Santa Monica… Now that summer is over, it’s time for the REAL hot weather to begin.  Fall in Santa Monica is normally a warm time, with eerie, hot and dry winds rustling their... Read More

Revving Up th Promenade

Share with othersTweet Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000190 EndHTML:0000010372 StartFragment:0000002382 EndFragment:0000010336 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/peggyclifford/Documents/Third%20Street%20Promenade Third Street Promenade. It’s a good name. Clear. Simple. Direct. It tells you what it is and where it is. But its days may be numbered. The Promenade is 20 years old. It attracts 10 million people a year, or nearly 275,000 people a day, according to Bayside District officials.... Read More

And the Winner Is…

Share with othersTweet Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000184 EndHTML:0000012919 StartFragment:0000002376 EndFragment:0000012883 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/peggyclifford/Documents/parts%20anf%20wholes Long before there were city planners, there were cities. They appeared and grew more or less spontaneously  — sometimes chaotically, sometimes   naturally, sometimes tidily,  depending on the site, the terrain, the climate, and the temper and ambitions of the settlers and... Read More

Palisades Bluffs Project On Way

Share with othersTweet Prepare to improvise. Find new routes  to here and wherever. Spend a lot of time in the “Inland Empire.” Do not turn Entrada into a thruway. The contractor for the City of Santa Monica will soon begin geotechnical “improvements” to 1.6 miles of the Palisades Bluffs.  The project goal is  to preserve “an important recreational and visual resource.” The  bluffs are  an integral part of both the Santa Monica townscape and the coastline. The... Read More

Council Condemns Another Masterwork

Share with othersTweet John Drescher was one of Santa Monica’s wisest, most creative and most generous residents. He gave Santa Monica College its  elegant planetarium, and he rented    studios and gallery space in a patchwork assemblage  of low-slung  buildings to artists, film editors,  photographers  and at least one designer of hats. The rents were very low Drescher was far more interested in art than in commerce. Located in the so-called industrial  area on several... Read More

Whither …Summer

Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Warm and partly cloudy Highs: 72-80; Lows: 62-64 Inland Mostly sunny Highs: 95-101; Lows: 62-66 Deserts Clear and hot Highs: 103-109; Lows: 78-80 And Santa Monica… Well, ladies and gentlemen, summer’s only here with us for another two weeks or so, so get out your towels and bathing suits, your sunglasses, your shorts, and your cooled drinks and be sure to make the most of summer.  Go to the beach, perhaps, and bask in the sunshine. ... Read More

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