Cops, Firefighters Dominate Pension Roster

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On July13, we published “ SM Employees Hit Pension Jackpot” (see below)

We did not list the former employees’ Santa Monica occupations.  However, a reader has now filled in most of the blanks, and so we are running the annotated list.

As you will see, most of the pensioners are former SMPD and SMFD officers, along with a couple of former City Managers, a pair of deputy City Attorneys, a rent control administrator,  and, lo, a research  librarian.

James Butts $18,239.03 a month — $218,868.36 a year (former SMPD Police Chief)
Gary Gallinot $14,728.05 — $176,736.60 (former SMPD Lieutenant)
Ettore Berardinelli, $14,084.11 — 169,009.32 (former Fire Chief)
Roy McGinnis $12,814.47 — $153,773.64 (former SMPD Captain)
John Miehle $12,359.00 — $148,308.00 (former SMPD Lieutenant)
Francisco Fabrega $12,075.87 — $144,910.44 (former SMPD Lieutenant, currently with LAWA)
Bijan Jalili $11,683.98 — $140,207.76 (former City Manager, aka “John” Jalili)
Walter Hard $11,048.88 — $132,586.56,
(former SMPD captain)
Mary Yurkonis $11,008.93 — $132,107.16 (former Rent Board administrator)
William Kolberg $11,005.06 — $132,060.72 (former Deputy Fire Chief)
George Centeno $10,843.31 — $130,119.72 (former SMPD Lieutenant, currently LAWA Police Chief)
Michael Murphy $10,798.52 — $129,582.24
Susan McCarthy $10,798.20 — $129,578.40 (former City Manager)
William Curtis $10,363.17 — $124,358.04
Kenneth Polhill $10,330.28 — $123,963.36 (former Fire Dept. Captain)
Paul Gonzales $10,301.96 — $123,623.52
William Brucker, $10,188.38 — $122,260.56 (former SMPD Lieutenant)
Larry Larson $9,991.84 — $119,902.08
Robert Harvey $9,972.68 — $119,672.16 (Arcadia Water Treatment Plant)
David Saxby $9,900.88 — $118,810.56
James Keane $9,834.26 — $118,011.12 (former Police Chief – preceded James Butts)
Jaime Fernandez $9,602.84 — $115,234.08 (former Fire Dept. Captain)
Richard Bridges $9,421.67 — $113,060.04 (former Fire Chief)
George Menta $9,401.41 — $112,816.92 (former Fire Dept. Captain)
Thomas Mapes $9,111.67 — $109,340.04
Patrick Armstrong $9,089.60 — $109,075.20 (retired SMPD Sergeant)
Michael Landis $9,055.01 — $108,660.12
John Montenero, Jr. $9,026.91 — $108,322.92 (former Fire Chief)
Steven Wells $8,954.63 — $107,455.56
Gregory Slaughter $8,930.70 — $107,168.40 (former SMPD Lieutenant)
Robert Ayer $8,901.25 — $ 106,815.00 (Drug & Alcohol Program Manager)
Linda Mills $8,877.49 — $106,529.88 (former Deputy City Attorney)
Norman Hirata $8,814.16 — $105,769.92 (former Deputy City Attorney)
Patrick Cates $8,769.99 — $105,239.88 (Fire Dept. Engineer)
Judith Franz $8,751.78 — $105,021.36 (former Assistant to the City Manager, aka Judy Rambeau)
Craig Collier $8,735.90 — $104,830.80 (Fire Dept. Battalion Chief)
Nancy O’Neill $8,700.45 — $104,405.40 (Principal Reference Librarian, SMPL)
Stanley Conger $8,657.96 — $103,895.52
Harry Wirtz $48,605.96 — $103,271.52
John Hutchison $8,375.23 — $ 100,502.76
Margaret Bendiksen $8,342.92 — $100,115.04

The original information was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).

With thanks to the reader who did the requsite research.

© Copyright 2009 by the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility. All Rights Reserved

The Foundation, which was founded by the late Howard Jarvis, sponsored the infamous Prop 13, which many people believe created the financial chaos that has plagued  the state for a generation.


Cops, Firefighters Dominate Pension Roster — 1 Comment

  1. The “infamous” Prop 13 to which you refer, is the only reason many hardworking
    American citizens who live in California, can remain here and haven’t lost their
    property. I realize from reading your “Dispatches”, that you see something fundamentally
    fair in stripping the earnings from legal citizens who have worked and earned their
    fortune and giving it to illegal immigrants in every capacity. It boggles the mind that
    you can refer to all those “inhumane budget cuts” by our Govenor, without even once,
    mentioning how many tax payer dollars go to welfare, education, medical and hoursing
    of illegal immigrants. Methinks that the time where the average American really believes
    that people with your mindset, are capable of caring about any REAL justice, is now
    long past. R. I. P. American Progressive Socialists. Your real agenda has been outed.
    Forgive them Lord….they know not what they do.

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