VA Cops Conduct Covert Ops sAgainst Vets

Tweet Veterans Today is reporting that  “Covert surveillance units (have been)  deployed against vets protesting ‘land grab’ (and that) vet organization officials (are) watched as ‘terrorists.’)” According to staff writer Gordon Duff, “… veterans, including regional commanders of The Military Order of the Purple Heart, the American Legion and disabled veterans from World War II, Korea and Vietnam are being filmed and followed in California by “secret... Read More

Wilmont Says NO, we Say BRAVO!

Tweet Team LUCE hit the road recently to plump for its proposed “activity center” at  Wilshire and 14th Street at the annual meeting of the Wilshire-Montana neighborhood organization (Wilmont.) According to a story in the Santa Monica Mirror, the proposed  “activity center (is) a pedestrian-friendly area with new buildings featuring ground floor retail and housing above… “City Planning Director Eileen Fogerty gave a presentation about the concept of activity centers... Read More

Ban the Bags, Free the Fireworks

Tweet By now, it has the weight of a bad habit.  Summer arrives, the City Council approves the new budget, and the City doesn’t stage its legendary and utterly gorgeous Fourth of July fireworks display at the Santa Monica Pier. In fact, this is the 20th anniversary of no fireworks at the Pier — a decision that continues to live in infamy. The City bosses didn’t care that the  fireworks were dazzling, mesmerizing, essential. In City Hall’s view, they were  just too... Read More

Smart Student, Dumb School

Tweet Aurora Ponce graduates today from the Wallis Annenberg High School. She’s president of her class and class  valedictorian, has a near-perfect A average and will attend the  University of California in the fall. It should be one of the happiest days of her life. But, at best, it will be bittersweet — thanks to school officials. According to a story in the Los Angeles Times, Ponce has been   “barred from making her valedictory speech, because she took part “in... Read More

Eclipsing an Icon

Tweet Towns, like almost everything else,  have an optimum size. When they exceed it, they become something else, something less,   clumsy, even grotesque, parodies of themselves. Santa Monica has hovered on the line that separates enough from too much for some time. Many residents know   that beyond the line lies that strident    mediocrity that has claimed so many other singular towns. Since 1980, more than 9 million square feet of new commercial development have risen... Read More

Whither Haiku

Tweet By AvaTramer Beaches Partly cloudy Highs: 68-70; Lows: 60-63 Inland Hot and cloudy Highs: 80-90; Lows: 58-64 Deserts Mostly sunny Highs: 93-107; Lows: 67-77 And Santa Monica… A summer weather haiku: Warm weather and clouds? Where could this be happening? Santa Monica! – I will be graduating in June and can be permanently reached at or  Read More

To: Planning Commission

Tweet From:   Board of Directors, Friends of Sunset Park RE:      June 9 agenda item 5-A – 710 Wilshire Development Agreement The FOSP Board of Directors opposes the staff recommendation that the City Council initiate a Development Agreement negotiation and review process with the developers of 710 Wilshire Blvd. The FOSP Board has been communicating with the Planning Commission since March 18, 2005 regarding the General Plan Update. We sent you at that time an executive... Read More

Down with Garden Apartments, Up with ‘Luxury” Condos

Tweet At issue was developer Trammell Crow’s appeal of a Landmarks  Commission designation of an apartment complex at 301 Ocean Avenue as a landmark. The City joined the developer in the appeal. (see story below). About 30 residents spoke to the City Council last night on the question.  Only three people spoke against the designation.  A letter from a fourth critic was read. Three of the four  were onetime City officials. The fourth was simply incoherent. As often happens... Read More

Luxury Condos vs. Affordable Housing

Tweet By now it has the weight of a Santa tradition. It’s not unique to our town, but nobody does it better. Or more frequently. In fact, in these hard times, our marketeers should feature it on the tourists’ MUST SEE list. It’s free,  colorful, and very dramatic. I’m speaking, of course, of the seemingly endless series that plays regularly at City Hall, “Money Wins.” The latest installment is scheduled to take place at tonight’s City Council meeting. In this installment,... Read More

WATER DANCE: FINALE: Correction, Amplification, Apology

Tweet Three days ago, I posted what I thought were mandatory restrictions on water use in Santa Monica, as of June 1. Two days ago, I posted a correction and  apology, as I had got one restriction exactly backwards. Yesterday, Bill Bauer informed me that I had got the whole thing wrong – with a little help from L.A.’s Department of Water and Power. I then deleted both the original article and the correction, and started all over  again, and posted the new article yesterday... Read More

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