Some Santa Monica Landscapes

Share with othersTweet The Santa Monica Conservancy Will showcase twelve “extraordinary landscape environments in different neighborhoods of Santa Monica” in its first garden tour on Sunday, May 31, 1 – 5 pm The tour features environments designed by local landscape designers,  including their own homes. Visits to the homes of Nancy Power, Daryl Hosta, Dale Newman and Wendy Katz (RubyBegonia) are part of this tour. Among the garden tour-goers will see   are a botanical... Read More

Calendar of events for May/June

Share with othersTweet By Zina Josephs SAVE THE DATE – FOSP Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 30th, 1:30 PM, at Mt. Olive Church! Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Friends of Sunset Park! May 26, 27, 28 – City Council – Budget Study Sessions – review priorities for the 2009-10 budget – 6 PM May 26 – Santa Monica High School – Orchestra “Pops” Concert – 7 PM – Barnum Hall – (Parking: from 4th St., turn east on... Read More

The Only Fitting Memorial: Peace:

Share with othersTweet Americans have  remembered and honored  the men and women who have died in our wars on Memorial Day (originally Decoration Day) every year since the Union soldiers were honored following the Civil  l War. But remembering is not enough, and the usual flower wreaths, speeches, prayers, music, fly-overs and military salutes may console the living but they do not honor our fallen troops. The only way to truly honor  the dead is to end war, for that is what... Read More

Parsing the Pitch

Share with othersTweet “Branding” merchandise obviously works, but “branding” a legendary beach town is akin to ungilding the  lily, which is probably not what our hapless marketeers and their consultants had in mind. In fact, Santa Monica has long resided in the pantheon of brands, along with super-stars whose first names are sufficient, and other super-places — Hyannisport, Carmel, Taos – whose names alone tell the whole story. When network TV/radio newscasters... Read More

Waxman Cranks Up Pressure on FAA

Share with othersTweet Chairman Henry Waxman added an amendment covering safety issues at Santa Monica Airport to H.R. 915, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2009, on Thursday, May 21. Chairman Waxman continues to work with the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to pressure the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to achieve runway safety area solutions consistent with FAA design guidelines to address the safety concerns at Santa Monica Airport. Representative... Read More

Whither June Gloom

Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Partly cloudy Highs: 64-68; Lows: 54-58 Inland Hot and mostly sunny Highs: 80-86; Lows: 52-58 Deserts Clear and hot Highs: 96-100; Lows: 66-73 And Santa Monica… The weather this week looks to be relatively un-summery for us.  Highs will be – gasp! – only in the mid-60s, and the sky will often be covered in – horrors! – clouds.  It looks like June gloom might be here a week or two early this year.  However,... Read More

Getting Personal

Share with othersTweet Your doorbell rings. It’s a City employee. He’s carrying a tape measure and a clipboard and he’s there to make sure that your bedrooms conform to new City standards. Unless you are dangerously flexible, you tell the City employee to mind his own business, and close the door. As far as we know, the City has yet to set bedroom standards, but it has imposed a great many rules and regulations on us, as well as adopting standards on all sorts of things. For... Read More

Treesavers Mark Sad Anniversary

Share with othersTweet Treesavers held a first anniversary memorial march in memory of the ficus trees that were killed on orders of the City in downtown Santa Monica a year ago. Environmental and community activists joined Treesavers in the memorial march on Friday, May 15. to “remember and mourn the destruction of 23 mature, healthy ficus trees on Second and Fourth Streets. Treesavers, wearing black and green, carried candles and before- and-after pictures of the 23 trees. ... Read More

Friends of Sunset Park Annual Meeting

Share with othersTweet Mayor Ken Genser, Chief of Police Timothy J. Jackman and Fire Chief Jim Hone will speak at the Friends of Sunset Park’s annual membership meeting on Saturday, May 30, 1:30 to 4:00 pm, Mt.  Olive church, 14th and Ocean Park Boulevard. Among the other City officials who will attend the meeting are Eileen Fogarty, Director of Planning and Community Development, and Bob Trimborn, Airport Manager The Samohi Jazz Combo will perform. Refreshments will be served... Read More

Betraying Ourselves

Share with othersTweet In the midst of the turmoil that has seized Washington, the name-calling, the charges and counter-charges, the lies, evasions and dissembling , it is vital to remember two facts. First, our government has tortured people in violation of our own laws and principles as well as international law, and the politicians who ordered it, the lawyers who okayed it and the military brass and civilian spymasters who directed it should all be charged with war crimes... Read More