Splendid New Children’s Book

Share with othersTweet Violet and Winston by Sonya Sones and Bennett Tramer illustrated by Chris Raschka Dial Books for Young Readers By Ava Tramer Violet and Winston represents the first display of the combined talents of teen novelist Sonya Sones and television writer Bennett Tramer.  Caldecott Medal winner Chris Raschka filled the book with fanciful illustrations, setting a whimsical stage for the three stories about Violet the confident swan and Winston the bumbling duck. Sones... Read More

Whither the Sunshine

Share with othersTweet By Ava Ttramer Beaches Gradually warming Highs: 64-72; Lows: 52-55 Inland Hot and sunny Highs: 72-77; Lows: 46-49 Deserts Clear and hot Highs: 80-88; Lows: 55-58 And Santa Monica… This weatherwoman is done with complaining about the boringness of Santa Monica weather (at least for the time being).  After an extended jaunt on the East Coast, she had forgotten how nice sunshine is, and how much it should be appreciated.  There is nothing quite like... Read More

The Unmaking of Santa Monica Proceeds

Share with othersTweet The newest member of the Santa Monica City Council, Gleam Davis, was appointed about a month ago to replace  the late Herb Katz. Council member Bobby Shriver has just begun his second four-year term. In contrast, the other five members –  Ken Genser, Bob Holbrook, Pam O’Connor, Richard Bloom and Kevin McKeown –  have spent a  total of 77 years on the Council. Yet, with the notable exception of Holbrook, they seem to know nothing about Santa... Read More

CITY HALL TO US: Surprise!

Share with othersTweet Anyone who’s lived in  Santa Monica for any length of time knows that City  Hall  likes nothing so much as taking us by surprise. Among its recent surprises are “The Strategic Framework” for the revision of the land use and circulation elements of the General Plan (LUCE),  which, if implemented, will fracture the townscape, the mega-“Village” it proposes building in the Civic Center, its apparent acceptance of the absolutely wrong location... Read More

Whither the Spring Break

Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Clear and sunny Highs: 65-70; Lows: 46-53 Inland Warm and clear Highs: 70-78; Lows: 38-47 Deserts Mostly sunny Highs: 75-87; Lows: 42-56 And Santa Monica… It’s March, ladies and gentlemen, and spring has officially arrived.  We all know what that means: SPRING BREAK!!!!  WOOOO!  However, those looking for fun in the sun in Santa Monica might do well to look elsewhere.  The peak temperature this week looks to be a high... Read More

L.A. Heritage To Be Celebrated

Share with othersTweet The L.A. Heritage Alliance will hold Los Angeles Heritage Day on Sunday, March 22, from 11 a.m. to   4 p.m. at Heritage Square Museum in Highland Park. Among the day’s highlights will be  historic homes, a scavenger hunt,  other activities for children and  families, panel discussions on  culture and preservation, tips for promoting local heritage and  information about  local preservation organizations, museums, and historical societies. The Santa... Read More

Santa Monica Man Plans Fundraiser

Share with othersTweet A Santa Monica attorney is one of 15  Man & Woman of the Year candidates in an unusual competition organized by  the. Greater Los Angeles Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Like all the other candidates, Gregory Rutchik has organized and is running his own fundraising campaigns to help LLS fund blood cancer research and provide support services for patients and their families. The man and woman  who raise the most money  will be... Read More

Whither the Excitement

Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Partly cloudy Highs: 66-72; Lows: 53-58 Inland Mostly sunny Highs: 71-81; Lows: 48-52 Deserts Hot with occasional clouds Highs: 81-92; Lows: 56-62 And Santa Monica… Weather, weather, blah blah blah, Sure it’s nice, but why give a hurrah? There’s nothing exciting to feel or see The temperature always reaches the same degree. The sun shines brightly, day in and day out, Shouldn’t this be a good reason to pout? Where... Read More

Playing the Loopholes

Share with othersTweet To the Editor Senior executives at Trammel Crow Company have vowed that they will board up the buildings and leave the apartments at 301 Ocean Avenue vacant after the last tenants are evicted on March 17, and if they do not get their way and have the landmark designation reversed by the City Council. It already looks very much like an abandoned property with weeds nearing two feet in height along the parkway and in the once beautiful interior garden courtyard. It... Read More

Whither the Pretty

Share with othersTweet By Ava Traner Beaches Mostly sunny Highs: 59-67; Lows: 44-50 Inland Warm and partly cloudy Highs: 60-70; Lows: 38-43 Deserts Sunny Highs: 70-77; Lows: 44-50 And Santa Monica… Is there any point for me to serve you? Why do you need predictions if the sky’s always blue? Why do you ask what the weather’s going to be? Can’t you figure it out without hearing from me? Why do you act like a bunch of helpless fools? Did you not learn pattern... Read More