Is This Any Way to Run A Democracy?

Share with othersTweet Tuesday night’s City Council meeting was a cross between Samuel Becket’s  “Waiting for Godot” and the Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First?” routine. The Council was charged with appointing someone to replace Council member Herb Katz who died shortly after being re-elected last fall. If the members failed to agree on  a replacement or chose not to make the appointment, they would have to    call for a special election and leave the  decision... Read More

Whither Spring

Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Partly cloudy Highs: 63-70; Lows: 50-53 Inland Mostly cloudy Highs: 67-72; Lows: 43-48 Deserts Mostly sunny Highs: 75-82; Lows: 50-55 And Santa Monica… We’re on the homestretch here – winter is almost over.  In about a month, spring will officially be here.  I know you’re probably tired of the bitterly cold weather (lows in the 50s) and harsh wintry mixes (scattered showers).  For those of you who just can’t... Read More

Dear Mayor Genser

Share with othersTweet Dear Mayor Genser and Honorable City Council members, We urge the City Council to use the November 2008 Council election as a guide to filling the seat of former Mayor Katz. Because this election is not even three months in the past, it establishes a clear guide to the current will of the people of Santa Monica. This guide would call for the seat to be first offered to Ted Winterer and, if he chose not to serve, next to Susan Hartley, and so on. The recent... Read More

School Board: BIG Spenders

Share with othersTweet By Jim Jaffe What’s terribly wrong with this picture? The state and the nation are in the worst financial crisis EVER, and the first major item on Thursday’s Board of Education agenda is to take 5 minutes to appoint Tim Cuneo as permanent superintendent with a salary package 34 percent greater than the previous superintendent’s! Most people, including the press, thought this was a done deal two weeks ago out in Malibu; but in the words of Board President... Read More

Whither Blue Skies

Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Cool with showers Highs: 56-69; Lows: 46-49 Inland Mostly cloudy with showers Highs: 56-73; Lows: 39-42 Deserts Partly cloudy Highs: 61-75; Lows; 43-47 And Santa Monica… When you wake up on Monday, don’t be confused: no, you did not get transported to a different region, state, or climate during the night.  Actually, believe it or not, you’ll still in Santa Monica.  Yes, it will be pouring rain, and yes, the temperatures... Read More

Question of the Week

Share with othersTweet In the eight years of the Bush reign, the Republicans did more damage to America than any enemy has ever done. Why, then, should anyone pay any attention to their complaints about President Obama’s stimulus bill?  Read More

To the Editor

Share with othersTweet The anger towards implementing bike lanes is misdirected and unfounded. Why must it be car vs. bike? Like it or not, City Council has been “urbanizing” Santa Monica for years with no plans on curbing their current direction. With urbanization ultimately comes more and more traffic. The City is and continues to be built-out and we can understand the frustration of automobile congestion, but it seems to be a way of life in our “small”... Read More

SM Airport Crash Kills Two

Share with othersTweet by Brian Bland, FOSP board member Two people died in the crash of a two-seat, single-engine propeller aircraft at Santa Monica Airport on Wednesday evening, just past 5 p.m. Both people aboard the plane were killed. No one on the ground was hurt. Airport Director Bob Trimborn says the Marchetti aircraft had just taken off toward the west when it crashed onto the runway, about 1,000 feet from the western end of the airport property. One eyewitness said he... Read More

Public Schools Week Begins Today

Share with othersTweet SMMUSD will launch its second “Public Schools Week” today, opening doors to schools throughout Santa Monica and Malibu and actively inviting the community to come inside for a closer look at educational programs and progress. Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District has joined forces with the district’s Teachers Association and PTA Council to present Public Schools Week. “We hope that community residents from throughout Santa Monica and Malibu... Read More

Whither Summer

Share with othersTweet By AvaTramer Beaches Hot and sunny Highs: 68-78; Lows: 50-52 Inland Clear and hot Highs: 72-83; Lows: 43-46 Deserts Sunny and hot Highs: 74-84; Lows: 51-54 And Santa Monica… The weather this week will feel summery: hot, sunny, and clear. With temperatures well into the 70s for most of the weekend and next week, be sure to spend time outside working on your tan and enjoying the beach. At the end of the week things will get cooler and potentially rainy,... Read More


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