Whither Winter

By Ava Tramer Beaches Partly cloudy and warm Highs: 69-71; Lows: 52-54 Inland Partly cloudy with chilly evenings Highs: 76-82; Lows: 45-47 Deserts Mostly sunny and warm Highs: 75-82; Lows: 52-56 And Santa Monica… We’ll welcome December in Santa Monica … Continue reading →

Whither the Rain

By Ava Tramer Beaches Overcast with potential showers Highs: 62-67; Lows: 51-53 Inland Partly cloudy with showers Highs: 67-73; Lows: 44-49 Deserts Mostly cloudy Highs: 69-80; Lows: 54-57 And Santa Monica… The time has come: fulfillment is near, It is … Continue reading →

Be Warned!

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is warning motorists traveling over the Thanksgiving weekend on the northbound Golden State Freeway (I-5) approximately five miles north of Santa Clarita (and about 20 miles south of the “Grapevine”) to expect holiday-related delays … Continue reading →