Another Dishonest Anti-T Mailer

Share with othersTweet Julie Lopez Dad President, Santa Monica Democratic Club There is another dishonest, lying mailer out from the developer-funded group which is against Measure T. This one, arriving in mailboxes today, in huge type, says that the Santa Monica Democratic Club “refused” to support Measure T. Clearly, there are Anti-T people who aren’t terribly good with word definitions, since the club did not refuse, in any meaning of the word, to support... Read More

No On T Campaign Aims to Confuse

Share with othersTweet By Peter Donald It’s time to vote and, as is often the case, the truth seems to suffer in the process. Measure T, the Santa Monica limited growth initiative, has produced a blizzard of spin. That the No On T campaign is mainly underwritten by development interests such as Equity Office Properties of Chicago to the tune of almost $750,000 (witness the plethora of slick mailers) should alert any Santa Monica resident to the possibility of self-interest on... Read More

A Fraud

Share with othersTweet By John Petz After reading your coverage of the campaign, I have been stunned and dismayed to see the role local education leaders are playing in the campaign against Measure T. As a long time education advocate I have been working on behalf of children and families here for the last 13 years and have served on the campaign committees for all of the recent school funding initiatives including Measure S, Measure R and Measure BB. During this time I have worked... Read More

Hartley Endorsed By NWPC -LA

Share with othersTweet The National Women’s Political Caucus-LA Westside (NWPC-LA Westside) has endorsed Susan Hartley, a candidate for the Santa Monica City Council. A community activist, Hartley has been an employment law attorney for nearly three decade. She has also been a teacher. On learning of her endorsement, Hartley said, “I feel extremely honored to be endorsed by an organization of such high caliber as the NWPC-LA Westside. Coming of age in the early days of the... Read More

BIG Mistakes

Share with othersTweet I. The Santa Monica Mirror opposes Prop T, the ballot measure that would limit new commercial development to 75,000 square feet annually. “Unlike the LUCE effort, T has not had broad community participation; it has not been fully vetted by the public. We prefer our existing processes, city council, planning, and all the ways in which Santa Monica organizes itself….Vote NO.” In other words, the Mirror has swallowed the SMRR/CityHall/Chamber of Commerce... Read More

To the Community

Share with othersTweet As a public service, we offer this list of important facts that should be considered by all Santa Monica residents as they decide whether or not to support Proposition T. Fact: The top 7 contributors to the No on T campaign are developers not based in Santa Monica, and the top 6 are not even from California. Those top seven have given a total of $533,622. Source: City Clerk Campaign Disclosure Filings. Contributions thru 23 October 2008. Fact: Proposition... Read More

Dirty Tricks, Santa Monica Style

Share with othersTweet The blizzard of puffery, flummery, lies, deceptions and doubletalk that has engulfed Santa Monica voters this fall hit a new low Thursday with the appearance of a “guest column” in the Santa Monica Daily Press by Terry O’Day and Judy Abdo, the co-chairs of “Save Our City” (SOC). The duo has spent weeks and hundreds of thousands of dollars of developers’ dough on a campaign whose sole purpose is to scare residents into voting against Proposition... Read More

An Open Letter to Renters and SMRR Members About Measure AA

Share with othersTweet By Phil Hendricks I am a 25-year member of Santa Monicans for Renters Rights who has consistently voted the straight SMRR ticket on candidates and issues. I am an 18-year employee of Santa Monica College where I served for three years as president of my union; I am a past supporter of all education bonds including raising money to promote them. But things have changed. Few are fooled by the “education” rhetoric of AA’s promoters. We all support education... Read More

Whither the Warm

Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Warm and sunny Highs: 71-79; Lows: 55-59 Inland Hot and sunny Highs: 85-93; Lows: 49-53 Deserts Really hot and sunny Highs: 90-104; Lows: 64-68 And Santa Monica… Again, I don’t have much to say, Weather’s the same, day after day. Nights are cooler, days are hot, Brutal storms are never fought. T-shirts, shorts, and skirts we wear, Day in, day out, the weather’s fair. While some may find weather a pain, I can’t... Read More

Shriver, Rosendahl, McKeown Take Protest to Freeway

Share with othersTweet Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl joined Santa Monica councilmen Bobby Shriver and Kevin McKeown to lead a rush hour protest at a 10 Freeway on-ramp today, in support of Prop T, a Santa Monica residents’ ballot measure designed to reduce traffic in the area. Rosendahl held a sign reading “Honk If U Want Traffic Fixed.” The three councilmen were joined by about 30 supporters of Prop T at the Freeway on-ramp at Cloverfield to dramatize... Read More