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Monthly archives "June 2008"

Whither the Weather 6/27 – 7/5

By Ava Tramer

Warm and sunny
Highs: 73-77; Lows: 61-65

Sunny and clear
Highs: 95-101; Lows: 60-65

Hot and sunny
Highs: 109-114; Lows: 77-83

And Santa Monica…
Around the world, people have heard of Los Angeles. The celebrities, the palm trees, and the beaches. But has everyone heard of Santa Monica? With its cool ocean breezes, we have not only the celebrities, the palm trees, and the beaches, but also the fresh ocean breezes that keep us cool and calm even during the summer. So be grateful that you live where you live, because this week should be just about perfect weather-wise in good ol’ Santa Monica!

All Politics, All the Time

It’s here. It arrived quietly, with no fanfare – just a slight rise in the temperature in the room, a faster tempo and an edge in the speakers’

Yes. Alas, the 2008 election campaign got underway in Santa Monica at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, during the City’s analysis of the Residents’ initiative to Fight Traffic (RIFT).

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