City Council Punts

Share with othersTweet There were only two major items on Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. The first was a study session devoted to reconfiguring the City’s solid waste services and, possibly, bringing in a private company to work with the City. The second was a staff’ presentation of “planning principles” for the industrial lands that would be applied in the revision of the land use and circulation elements in the General Plan. The Waste Management discussion... Read More

“Battle of Algiers” To Be Screened Friday

Share with othersTweet “Films for Change” will screen a seminal documentary, “The Battle Of Algiers” (1965) on Friday, November 2. Winner of Best Foreign Film, Best Director (Gillo Pontecorvo) and Best Original Screenplay Oscars, it is one of the most influential films in the history of political cinema, Focusing on the events of 1957, a key year in Algeria’s struggle for independence from France, it was shot in the streets of Algiers and re-creates the uprising... Read More

Making the World Safer: A Forum

Share with othersTweet The League of Women Voters of Santa Monica will hold a forum Thursday, November 8, on the ways and means of making the world safer, with particular emphasis on counter-terrorism. A panel discussion will focus on counter-terrorism strategies that include ways of making “’the world a better place in which the allure of terrorist activities cannot match the appeal of living life with dignity and opportunity,” according to a League press release. Former... Read More

Bad Planning on Display

Share with othersTweet The major item on tonight’s City Council agenda is a discussion of the planners’ recommendations for the so-called “industrial lands.” The staff report suggests that the staff wants to turn what is now the loosest and most open area of the city into the most tightly packed. What’s there now ranges from formidable to small and simple, from large, pretentious office buildings to quiet residential neighborhoods, from Bergamot Station to the City... Read More

City To Hold 415 Workshop

Share with othersTweet Some years ago, after what was left of Marion Davies’ estate at 415 Pacific Coast Highway, had been red-tagged, wrapped in chain link fencing and left to molder in the sun, one of Santa Monica’s savviest residents. Jeff Bixon, said, “All they have to do is open it up, We know what to do with it.” Thanks to a $21 million-plus grant from the Annenberg Foundation, it is new being remade. Though it won’t open until early 2009, the City will hold... Read More

PTAs Back on Track After Fires

Share with othersTweet In the wake of last week’s fires, PTAs across Malibu and Santa Monica are back on track. On Monday, October 29, all of the schools in the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District were open, for the first time in more than a week – including Webster Elementary, which was damaged in last week’s Malibu fires. . “Everyone is extremely thankful to the firefighters for saving homes and saving our school,” said Webster PTA co-President Anne Blackwood.... Read More

Literary Fires

Share with othersTweet “Slouching Toward Santa Monica,” an opinion piece that is more or less about the fires by L.A. novelist Bruce Wagner, appears in the New York Times today. ( As with most things, Wagner finds the fires annoying, which he makes clear in his opening paragraph: “THE fires have come to Los Angeles again and there is only one thing certain, and it is an obscene horror: there will be a spike in the sales of books by Joan Didion.”  Read More

City Manager to Meet With Neighborhood Groups

Share with othersTweet Extending the discussions he inaugurated last year with residents about community priorities, City Manager P. Lamont Ewell has scheduled a new round of conversations. At these neighborhood meetings, Ewell will present an update on the ways in which City Hall has responded to the community’s concerns, as well discussing Santa Monica’s needs and priorities as the 2008-09 budget cycle begins. The meetings will be held on Thursday, November 1 in... Read More

Samo Art Studens Show Works

Share with othersTweet Samta Mnnica High School art students’ annual exhibit, “Dia de los Muertos,” will open Tuesday, October 30, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Roberts Art Gallery, which is located in the History Building on the Santa Monica High School campus. Snacks will be served and some items will be available for purchase, including very cool T-shirts designed by Samohi students, with proceeds benefiting school arts programs. Roberts is the oldest art gallery in... Read More

Quote of the Week

Share with othersTweet Tom Larmore, chairman of the board of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, was quoted in the Santa Monica Daily Press this week as saying, “Given the substantially improved working relationship between the chamber and City Hall, we believe that endorsing candidates is not a good use of valuable volunteer time and effort and is potentially counter-productive in terms of promoting the chamber’s mission.” If this doesn’t give you pause, nothing will.  Read More