The Good Guys in This Movie

Share with othersTweet The Old Village Mind Reader (TOVMR), aka SurfSantaMonica columnist Frank Gruber, is at it again. He failed the last time out, when he assigned crass political motives to City Council members who were actually engaged in righting a wrong, but, undaunted, he’s now divined that certain residents are plotting to sandbag the General Plan revision. He calls them “Santa Monicans Fearful of Change (SMFC),” and credits the prescience of Council member Pam... Read More

Whither the Weather 8/31 – 9/6

Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Warm and sunny Highs: 76-83; Lows: 65-68 Inland Sunny and gradually cooler Highs: 92-103; Lows: 65-75 Deserts Clear and sunny Highs: 103-113; Lows: 83-91 And Santa Monica… As the weekend draws near, expect warm temperatures and clear skies, with highs in the low 80s. Nights should be mild, with lows in the high 60s. After the weekend is behind us and a new week has dawned, expect warm temperatures and clear skies, with highs in... Read More

City Council Punts

Share with othersTweet A crowd of residents rallied on the lawn in front of City Hall before the Tuesday night City Council meeting to demand that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) take the necessary steps to make the Santa Monica airport safe. Many of the same people spoke during the subsequent Council study session. Most of the speakers live near the airport – in Santa Monica and LA — and their list of complaints included the enormous increase in corporate jet... Read More

Flash! More and MORE!

Share with othersTweet Last night at the Farms, Santa Monica’s supreme grocery emporium, Jeff Bixon, the Dispatch’s man on Montana, pointed out an ominous collision of facts in the L.A. Times.. A story on page two in the California section about population density in American cities contained a graph that ranked the cities. Santa Monica with 11,006 people per square mile was outranked by all the New York boroughs except Staten Island, but it outranks Philadelphia (10,729),... Read More

Industrial Lands Get Special Treatment

Share with othersTweet At its Tuesday night meeting, the City Council will be asked by City staff to approve an “emergency interim ordinance” that would make development agreements mandatory for projects with over 7,500 square feet of floor area or more than 15 residential units in the Light Manufacturing and Studio District (LMSD) and Manufacturing Conservation (M1) and for changes in land use on parcels that exceed 32,000 square feet in the LMSD and 15,000 square feet... Read More

Call to Arms

Share with othersTweet Dear all, Sometimes it feels as if we must attend a thousand meetings and send a thousand emails to get public officials to hear our pleas. This week is one of those times when we must do those things if we want to protect residents and homes in our neighborhood. According to the S.M. Airport staff report, 14 acres of homes in Sunset Park seem to be at risk from a jet or other large, fast airplane overrunning the west end of the runway (landing too fast... Read More

City’s Losing Money Game

Share with othersTweet Officials with the City’s Community Corporation, which develops “affordable housing” in Santa Monica, have said that it costs, on average, $450,000 per unit to buy and “rehab” existing apartment buildings. At the Tuesday, October 14, City Council meeting, in response ti a question, a Related Companies of California executive estimated that, including the cost of the land, a unit in the proposed Civic Center Village development would cost $550,000... Read More

Airport Neighbors Vs. FAA

Share with othersTweet Area residents will rally Tuesday, August 28, at 5:30 p.m. outside City Hall to demand that the FAA end the danger from jet aircraft overruns at the Santa Monica Airport by enforcing its own rules. Congressional help in forcing the FAA to follow its own safety rule is also being sought. Following the rally, the FAA will present its plans to the City Council on Tuesday at 7 p.m. Read More  Read More

To the City Council

Share with othersTweet For almost 20 years, I have attended meetings where residents have begged elected officials to do something about safety enhancements at Santa Monica Airport. It is not a matter of IF a catastrophic accident will occur …it is a matter of WHEN that catastrophic accident DOES occur. Local residents near the airport do not want to see our elected officials in front of TV cameras saying how sorry they are WHEN the catastrophic accident happens. Local residents... Read More

Homeless Vets Finally Coming Home

Share with othersTweet The irony was enormous. There were an estimated 17,000 veterans living on the streets of Los Angeles County, many disabled by substance abuse and mental illness, and there were 11 large, handsome empty buildings on the grounds of the large Veterans Administration complex in West L.A. Despite sporadic efforts spanning nearly two decades, the buildings remained empty. and the vets remained homeless Many jurisdictions might have intervened on behalf of... Read More