Bea Daniels Dies at 85

Share with othersTweet Bea Daniels was very short, but people rarely noticed, because everything else about her was outsized. She was. quick, smart, funny, outspoken, and impatient. She was also a devout Catholic. She gave people orders, if they needed them, but she preferred people who didn’t need them. She could probably have run a company or a country, for that matter, but she chose to use her considerable gifts in service to her husband and children. Bea’s devotion to... Read More

Letter to the Community

Share with othersTweet I would like to reassure any of our community members who are following the drama that has been unfolding about the City Council’s concerns about secret deals issue in SMMUSD Special Education, specifically the “clarifications” proposed by the school district staff at the July 12 meeting of the Board of Education. The legalese used in this “clarification” can only be intended to confuse and redirect attention away from the secret... Read More

Other Things the Council Did and Didn”t Do

Share with othersTweet The most significant action the Santa Monica City Council took at its Tuesday night meeting was not approving a city-wide moratorium to put development on hold until the revision of the General Plan is complete. It did, however, direct staff to draft an ordinance that would temporarily limit the size of developments in the industrial area (see story, “City Gets It Wrong…Again”). Among the Council’s other more piquant actions were several items on... Read More

Whither the weather7/27-8/2

Share with othersTweet By Ava Tramer Beaches Mostly sunny and warm Highs: 70-76; Lows: 63-66 Inland Sunny and slightly cooler after the weekend Highs: 89-95; Lows: 60-65 Deserts Sunny and hot Highs: 102-107; Lows: 81-84 A grandmother sits with her grandson in a cottage in Santa Monica: Read More  Read More

Writers on Politics

Share with othersTweet CodePink describes “Writers on Politics Now” as “a literary event for those who love art with their activism.” It’s scheduled for Saturday, July 28, at 7:30 p.m. at Beyond Baroque, and will feature novelists Gayle Brande and Diane Leefer. Brande’s novel, “Self Storage,” is “a post-9/11 story of a woman who is launched on a path of self-discovery while buying and reselling storage unit contents.” Leefer’s “California Transit,”... Read More

Caltrans Working on PCH

Share with othersTweet The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is currently installing “adaptive signal controls” at various locations along the 20-mile stretch of Pacific Coast Highway between the McClure Tunnel in Santa Monica to Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Malibu. “Adaptive signal controls” enable Caltrans to automatically adjust signal timing based upon real time traffic flow.” Caltrans crews are working now on the two-mile portion of northbound PCH... Read More

City Gets It Wrong…Again

Share with othersTweet Council members Bobby Shriver and Ken Genser’s frustration at Tuesday night’s Council meeting was almost palpable as they each tried, and failed, to engage their fellow Council members and City staff in a serious discussion of whether the City should declare a city-wide moratorium that would put proposed projects on hold until the revision of the General Plan is complete. Planning Director Eileen Fogarty’s report to the Council had summarized some... Read More

Billionaire Questions Bush’s “Mental Stability”

Share with othersTweet Billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife really didn’t like Bill Clinton and spent most of the 1990s and quite a lot of dough, relatively speaking, financing far right wing think tanks’ assaults on President Clinton’s polices, as well as subsidizing a series of so-called exposes of his Arkansas years that proved to be more shrill than factual. Now, to the surprise of nearly everyone, the ultra-conservative Scaife has savaged the ultra-conservative George... Read More

Shakespeare’s Here

Share with othersTweet It was the great Yale scholar Harold Bloom who said that William Shakespeare invented human beings. As a species, we have not evolved a whit since then and so his plays remain vital and pertinent, as well as perfect works of art. The fourth annual summer Shakespeare Festival is now underway in Reed Park – outdoors on tennis court #1 and indoors in Miles Memorial Playhouse, featuring three of the wizard’s plays in rep through July 29. A one-hour and... Read More

Making Do In Limbo

Share with othersTweet As the 1983 iteration of Santa Monica’s state-mandated 20-year General Plan became obsolete in 2003 and the revision will not be finished until 2009, Santa Monica is out of compliance, and in limbo. In this no-plan land we now inhabit, unprecedented problems proliferate, along with the same old problems. Most cities of this size have no hospitals. Santa Monica has two first-rate major hospitals, and both are currently in the midst of multi-million-dollar... Read More

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