Share with othersTweet PAINTINGS & SCULPTURE Rogue Wave ‘07 12 Artists from Los Angeles Works in all visual media demonstrating the spirit and vitality of the art that’s being made in Los Angeles now. Through August 18. at LA Louver Gallery in Venice. Michael Tabori, New Work Born in Paris, raised in New York, Tabore spent most of his life working in film. Now he lives in Venice and makes mixed media works. At William Turner Gallery, Bergamot Station, through September... Read More

Council Meeting: It Was Historic!

Share with othersTweet We lost track of how many City Council meetings we’ve covered some time ago, but, without question, this week’s meeting was the oddest of the lot. Mayor Richard Bloom was scheduled to be out of town. Council member Bobby Shriver had been out of the country and expected to be back in time for the meeting, but word came late Tuesday afternoon that he’d been delayed. And then there were five. Mayor Pro Tem Herb Katz presided. Council members Ken... Read More

OFF…and ON

Share with othersTweet As if to secure its position at the bottom of the broadcast TV networks’ heap. NBC aired the last episode of Aaron Sorkin’s brilliant “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” Thursday. As ever, it was funny and sad and savagely true, which, as any good screenwriter knows, is bloody hard to do in 120 minuses, and damn near impossible to do the 40 minutes that are left in an hour-long show after the commercials are loaded in. NBC’s new programming guys better... Read More

City to District: Get On With It

Share with othersTweet The moment the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District imposed a gag order on its departed Chief Financial Officer Winston Braham, it was out of order. But rather than admitting what was, by any measure, a serious error in judgment and correcting it, the District seemed bent on compounding it. Through it all, District officials and the School Board have behaved as if they had special privileges because they were engaged in this community’s most vital... Read More

Letter to the Editor

Share with othersTweet A few months ago, I went to a meeting of The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, where consultants reported on District finances. The talk was so muffled, I realized serious problems were being mentioned, but in a way that came to an attempted burial, rather than an open discussion. The same matters later came before the City Council, and I atten ded two long sessions on increased City aid to SMMUSD. After much talk, the School District’s former... Read More

4th of July Parade on Way

Share with othersTweet Once upon a time there was a Fourth Of July parade in Santa Monica. Now residents from the Ocean Park Association and North of Montana Association are organizing the inaugural Fourth of July parade on Main Street, It will take place, not coincidentally, on Wednesday, July 4th. According to organizers, “It’s going To be very small town, kid-friendly and on Main Street,” between 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.. Participants will include the Santa Monica Police and... Read More

Why Is City Stalling?

Share with othersTweet The state of California requires that cities update their General Plans every 20 years in order to ensure that land use policies and zoning ordinances reflect, relate and respond to current needs and conditions, as well as giving residents a voice in determining the shape, form and priorities of their communities. Santa Monica’s General Plan was last updated in 1983. City staff began work on the new update three years ago, but it is anticipated it won’t... Read More

Workshop on Incline Is Held

Share with othersTweet By Alice Ollstein The Santa Monica Public Library was the setting Wednesday for a workshop on the planned demolition and replacement of the iconic California Incline. Prior to the meeting, people were encouraged to visit several information booths that were set up in the library courtyard. Many people stopped by the “environmental impact” and “design” stations, but the “traffic” table drew the largest and most vocal... Read More

Airport Commission To Discuss Museum

Share with othersTweet In an information item to the City Council, Robert D. Trimborn, acting airport director, reported some movement toward the restoration of the Museum of Flying. Founded as the Donald Douglas Museum and Library in 1974, it was located south of Airport Avenue in a building now occupied by Santa Monica College. In May 1987, the City entered into an agreement with Supermarine of Santa Monica that called for Supermarine to construct space to house what became... Read More

Council Advances LUCE, Holds Village

Share with othersTweet At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. City staff asked the Council to approve two major projects that were, in fundamental ways, in direct opposition to each other and would move Santa Monica in different directions simultaneously. In the first instance, the staff asked the Council to “endorse the Neighborhood Conservation and Placemaking Principles as a component in the Land Use and Circulation Elements” in the General Plan revision. Planning... Read More

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